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If you have interest in any of the classes listed below, please contact us for details. Prices listed are per student and assume class will be held in our Las Vegas studio. Travel costs have not been factored in and will increase the per student cost.



Miniature Props- 2 day  $150



 Level:  Beginner to Intermediate (minimal hand sewing skills are required.)

Class Size:  Minimum 5, Maximum 15

Cost:  $150

Supplies and Tools needed for the class:  Fine point, sharp scissors, glue, toothpicks, tweezers, wire cutters, pliers, invisible nylon thread, & hand sewing needles.

Students will learn to manipulate fine hand dyed and hand pleated silks, and other fine hand dyed silks and embellishments into a variety of miniature (1 inch scale) accessories and props.  The class will go all day long, with minimal breaks and a short lunch period.  We will make as many projects as time will permit. The project options are:

1.  Silk embellishment flowers   

2.  Embellished hat

3.  Fantasy mushroom, (some hand sewing)

4.  Fairy wand

5.  Set of fairy wings

6.  Pair of elfin shoes

7.  Umbrella

All the supplies, except those listed above will be included in the kits for each project. 


Fanciful Silk Embellishments  (1 Day workshop)   $75 

 A Flapper in the Attic..........Nostalgic Accessories     $115 (1 Day)

                                               Boa, Purse & Cloche Workshop 


    * Stand not included.


Costume a Fairy Class    (2 day Class......... Limit 6 students)    $200  


The class will teach you to costume a 1/12 scale fairy from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.  
You will be costuming with our textiles, exclusively.  All materials will be provided, including the fairy. 
Students will learn to wrap an armature, layer a costume without overwhelming the doll, coif the fairy,
create wings, leather elf shoes, and a headdress.  We will also discuss and provide tips on posing and
placing your doll in a setting.  The fairy is pictured dressed and undressed. Color options are available.

Sofa Class   (1 day    Limit 10 students)  $140.00



Examples of sofas made from other silk velvet fabrics.  (Pillows not included in Sofa Class or Kit).


brown-sofa.jpg   boudoire-sofa.jpg   bat-wing-sofa1.jpg



         fairy.jpg         mermaid.jpg      flower.jpg                                                                                                                      

Designer Dressing
    1 Day Class