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Products & Services

Products & Services

Products and Services

We offer a wide range of products and services in different categories. All the products we sell we have used ourselves and know, therefore, that they perform as described. We offer a variety of hand dyed silk fabrics that have been pleated or treated in several different ways. We also have hand dyed laces, ribbons, trims. These items are designed for embellishment, and are dry clean only!

For ease, and to allow our customers to "experiment" with our hand dyed products, we also offer assortments and groupings in different sizes. We design and develop our own patterns and projects. They range from simple to complex and we indicate the level on each project.

We offer kits to accompany the patterns and projects to assist our customers, but each of the projects can also be made using other sources and our customer's existing "stash." We test our patterns for accuracy and we have extensive pictures detailing each step. We offer most of our patterns in 3 formats, paper, CD's or a download. We prepare some "started" items that can be embellished by our customers saving them the time needed to create the "base" so that they can focus on the embellishment and customize the items to their own needs.

We also carry original small art items that can be purchased and added to other works developed by our customers. We only carry a few tools and supplies and we carry them because they are exclusive, hard to find and extremely good products. We've tried them ourselves and cannot do our own work without them! We have a variety of molds and impressions available. Some of them are needed to create one of our patterns, but they can also be used alone and incorporated into other applications.

We are experienced teachers. We can develop a class around any of our patterns. We can do either individual or group classes. We can also develop a class to suit a specific need in the areas of embellishment, art settings, doll creation, and mixed media art, among others. We require at least an 8 week notice for custom classes. Our prices depend on the class being taught and the number of students. All of our classes are taught by both of us which gives the student more "time with the teacher" in every class.

In addition, we offer written materials to accompany every class. We also offer retreats in Las Vegas on a variety of topics. We offer Internet classes, as well. Check our calendar for more information about our teaching schedule.