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Miniatures for Sale

“When a piece of art is purchased, it is not just an object…. it also represents years of trial and error, experimentation, frustration and finally…. moments of joy.  It is not just a thing but a piece of a heart; a piece of a soul;   a small piece of the Artist’s life.”
Adapted from Rebekah Joy Plett

 We take pride in offering only the finest quality materials and productsfor sale.  Our textiles are top of the line silks and rayons that have been hand dyed and manipulated into the beautiful pieces that comprise our inventory.

Our trims and laces are of the same exquisite quality with many imported from Europe and Japan.    Some of our pieces are rare, “vintage”, never to be produced again items dating from the 1920’s, 30’s and 40’s.  We do our very best to insure quality and stand behind every product we offer.