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Our Hand Dyed Fabrics from Las Vegas Airs

We offer exquisite hand dyed fabrics and trims that the two of us hand dye weekly. In a crowd we are easy to spot because of the vibrant colors on our hands from rubber gloves that have failed to do their job.  The dying  process is not as difficult as it is messy and there is a learning curve when mixing colors.  In the beginning it is common to end up with many different shades of mud, but we have been doing this for the past 9 years and thankfully, are past that stage.   Our fabrics are mostly natural fibers such as silks and rayons and many of the items we dye are no longer available in stores.  We search our suppliers for the truly unusual, unique and high end materials. 

Our Hand Dyed Trims from Las Vegas Airs

Silks in the form of Habotai, Velvet, Dupioni, Gauze, Charmeuse, trims and ribbons are hand dyed, pleated or otherwise manipulated by us for special effects. 

Some Uses for Las Vegas Airs Custom Fabrics & Trims

Uses for our beautiful fabrics and trims include dolls, hats, fascinators, art quilts, Victorian ribbon work, wearable embellishments and miniature character dressings and dollhouse interiors. 

  • Cheese Cloth, hand dyed
    $3.00 Choose Options Cheese Cloth, hand dyed
    Due to the nature of cheesecloth, sizes will be irregular.  Approximate size is   8” x 12”.  Humble cheesecloth becomes anything but humble when it is hand painted.  All that texture and...
  • These pieces are from a previous dye batch and are shown as samples only.  Please make your selection from the individual pieces offered.
    $8.00 Choose Options Leather Pieces, hand dyed, lightweight
    Approximate size is  4” x 4”.   The leather is hand dyed in vivid colors and sometimes patterns.  The leather is soft, supple and wafer thin.  You can costume with it and it drapes like...
  • #4  Pinks, apricot, coral
    $15.00 Choose Options Pull Ribbon Assortment
    The packages include 12 yards of color coordinated ribbon.  All of our ribbons in this collection can be gathered by carefully pulling one of the lengthwise threads.  That is a tremendous time saver when you are...